Kitso is Knowledge

Kitso STEM Centre is a provider of education and career support in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our in-centre and online programmes engage, excite, educate and encourage help learners to excel in STEM related fields. 

We provide extramural curriculum in Coding, Robotics, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Music online and at our state for the art Kitso Technology Excellence Centres (KTEC) to inspire our learners to innovate and invent as technology influencers. 

Centres are located in Vanderbijlpark, Midrand and Soweto. 

e-Learning School Curriculum Support

Across all South African schools, Mathematics, Physical Science and English First Language (especially for learners not learning in their mother tongues) are the main concerns. Kitso Technology Excellence Academy provides support in these three subjects. Support is offered through four features on our learning platform

  1. Curated videos for every topic organised in an easy to follow CAPS aligned structure. 
  2. Interactive Worksheets and video solutions are available for every topic 
  3. Snap and upload feature allows learners to take a picture of a question, upload it onto the platform and a tutor will respond with the solution; 

We offer options to purchase one-on-one tutoring session with your preferred tutor. 

21st Century Careers

Career guidance and skill developments support for the 21st century and beyond. Now more than ever, we see the emergence of careers that never existed ten, five, even two years ago. The world is changing at a pace that many people cannot keep up with and many parents are inadequately informed to help their children make career choices that are adaptable in this ever-changing world. We help learners navigate this challenge through:

  1. 21st century skills surveys
  2. STEM Attitudes surveys
  3. Career counselling using personality type tests
  4. Assistance in selecting appropriate post-matric programmes

Our STEM school curriculum support and extracurricular activities are geared towards nurturing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, teamwork and collaboration, technology literacy, leadership to name a few. 

Coding and Robotics

In the modern digital age, knowing how to code can be likened to being able to speak, read and write as we interact with technology. At KTEA we use project-based learning to teach Coding and Robotics to learners at their proficiency level starting with basic block coding to languages such as Python. Through our programme which includes computer programming; app development; game development and building and programming robots, learners develop the following skills:

  1. Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Logical thinking
  4. Teamwork and collaboration

Our Coding and Robotics programmes give learners the opportunity to learn these important skills and allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways, encouraging them to become creators and not simply consumers of technology.