School Curriculum Support

Across all South African schools, Mathematics, Physical Science and English First Language (especially for learners not learning in their mother tongues) are the main concerns. Kitso Technology Excellence Academy provides support in these three subjects. Support is offered through four features on our learning platform.

1.Curated videos 

Yes, there is YouTube, but have you ever searched for relevant videos about the subject you are looking for; the concept you need to reinforce; it is not an easy feat. You will have to “kiss many frogs” or sit through many videos before you find the right one. Meanwhile, your data is quickly depleting. KTEA has made this easy for you. We have searched for videos across the internet to find ones that are free, relevant and easy to understand. We have also organised the videos in an easy to follow structure that is aligned to the CAPS curriculum. You will never have to search for a video for Maths or Physical Science ever again. 

2.Worksheets and video solutions

At the end of each topic, we have worksheets with practice questions that you can use to test your understanding. Every worksheet has a video solution that you can also work through – the only catch is, you must attempt the questions before you can access the worked solution. 

3.Snap and Upload

Do you have a question from another worksheet or school textbook that you cannot figure out? We’ve got you covered; take a picture of the question, use our snap and upload feature to upload it on the platform and a qualified teacher or tutor will upload a worked solution for you. This will be added to our database of questions and answers and you will always be able to find it. We like this because you also help other learners with extra practice questions. 

4.Extra tutorials

If you have worked through the videos, the practice worksheets, the snap and upload feature and you still need more help, our teachers and tutors are standing by to offer more one-on-one help. We have tutors from every corner of South Africa, speaking every official language. We know how hard it is to express yourself in a language that is not your own, so we have gone the extra mile to find tutors that can assist you in your language. Although the online content is delivered in English, learners have the option of choosing a tutor that can help them in their mother tongue. 

Because this requires a lot of time from our tutors, this service carries an extra cost which is negotiated between the client and the tutor. Just use our platform to request a tutor, specify your language and other preferences such as online classes or contact classes, location, age and we will have a list of tutors for you to choose from.