Coding and Robotics

In the modern digital age, knowing how to code can be likened to being able to speak, read and write as we interact with technology. At KTEA we use project-based learning to teach Coding and Robotics to learners at their proficiency level starting with basic block coding to languages such as HTML, C++, C#, Java, Python and Unity. Through our programme which includes computer programming; app development; game development and building and programming robots, learners develop the following skills:

  1. Problem solving and critical thinking
  2. Creativity and innovation
  3. Logical thinking
  4. Teamwork and collaboration

Our Coding and Robotics programmes give learners the opportunity to learn these important skills and allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways, encouraging them to become creators and not simply consumers of technology.  The programmes are age appropriate and learners can progress at their own pace through various levels. 

KTEA Code Tots: Grade RR – 1 (Age 5-7)

Code Tots is the Coding program for pre-primary school learners. It involves play with Coding Applications that introduce the children to following sequential instructions and therefore logical thinking. Children learn in a fun and engaging manner using play that they enjoy. Learners move on to Scratch Junior, where we incorporate project-based learning to introduce Coding concepts which will be applied to subsequent level.  

Coding Novice Program: Grade 2 – 5 (Age 8-10)

Coding Novice is the entry level for coding at primary school level. Initially all children are required to begin at this level to provide an indication of their understanding of coding. Naturally, older learners will progress quicker to subsequent levels.

KTEA Coding Explorer Program: Grade 5 – 7 (Age10-13)

Coding Explorer level is for learners from approximately age 11 or grade 5 who have completed Coding Novice Level. There are three levels which increase in complexity. At this level, block programming languages are used to introduce the concepts of computer programming. Elements of mathematics and programming logic such as sequencing and repetition are also introduced.

KTEA Coding Pioneer Program: Grade 7 – 10 (Age 13 – 16)

At KTEA Coding Pioneer level, programming logic, loops, branches and data structures are introduced and developed. Mathematical structures are also done. Introduction to a broad range of computer applications such as music, arts, graphics and computer aided design. This is to enable utilisation of computer technology in any career field. This is also an exploratory level which has elements of career guidance and finding the learner's interests and strengths. At this level in-depth computer applications are explored in the learners chosen area of interest.

KTEA Coding Expert Program: Grade 10 and above (Age 16+)

KTEA Coding Expert level is where learners are encouraged to use the skills that they have developed in the foundation levels to design applications, games and strategies to solve problems they may encounter in their daily lives or the problems they witness in society. Learners engage in design thinking process and problem-solving processes. They will also explore career options of their own interest and how to apply technology to forge new career paths.